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Self-Publishing School Exclusive Deal

We believe in the power of editing to elevate a manuscript, whether it’s your first book or your twentieth. That’s why Motif Edits is offering a 25% discount* to all Self-Publishing School authors.

Why us? Three reasons:

  • We aim to be your closest reader, recognizing your intentions and goals and helping to course-correct the manuscript when it strays.
  • We’ve edited hundreds of manuscripts in all the major genres.
  • We’re consummate professionals: we communicate, we study your manuscript with an eagle eye, and we deliver on time.

Our clientele includes:

Our editing services:

Developmental edits

Comprehensive, big-picture feedback on your characters, plotting, pacing, and narration.

2-week turnaround

Line edits

Includes two passes: a line edit for flow and cadence, and a copyedit for grammar, spelling, and syntax.

3-week turnaround

Line + proof package

Includes three passes: a line edit, a copyedit, and a final proofread by a second editor on our team.

4-week turnaround

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    *The discount applies to the first 50,000 words you book with us.